Right, must now achieve second blog post. My excuse for the delay is Sidmouth Folk Festival followed by LonCon World SF Convention. However.

OK, news update first. If you go here: http://efanzines.com/bigsky/index.htm you will find a very good fanzine, and if you go to #4 and scroll down far enough, there is a bit by Me. The rest of it is very good though.
And at Fantasycon, on the first weekend in September in York, I have a reading slot at 6.20-6.40 on Friday evening, then on the Saturday at 2pm, Alchemy Press are launching three anthologies, one with added Pitman.

Now I’m going to be boring and contentious for a bit, don’t worry it won’t all be like this.

There is a thing I would like to be able to explain to militant atheists – that those of us who believe in God, or Gods, whatever we call him / her / them, have a different view of the universe from yours. A whole different world. It’s not just the same world with the addition of an old man with a beard and some superstitions. It really is completely different. The physical universe, the laws of science, they’re the same – we don’t deny or ignore them. But it has a whole other dimension – the spiritual, for want of another word – that is equally real – but not physical. We can’t produce scientific evidence of God, because his/her nature is not of that kind – but for us, science is not the only reality. When you suggest we simply get real and abandon our non-scientific beliefs, you are suggesting we deny half of what reality is, for us; deny the existence of a whole dimension of our lives, our world, our universe. For us, “real” and “scientifically provable” are not coterminous. I know, that just sounds like stupidity or insanity. But there it is. We may be wrong; we may be insane; but simply to say that this dimension of our experience is “obviously nonsense” is not, with all due respect, an argument. It may be that we cannot argue, from such different premisses. But please believe that people who believe in God, whoever they consider him / her to be, are not just doing it out of wilful perversity. Faith does not mean “believing what you know to be untrue”.