Been a long time – life seems to have got away from me again, this year seems to have been dominated by the struggle for a new boiler – which still goes on – got the grant, moved humungous tons of stuff out of the way so boiler and boilerfitters could get into the house – only to be told humungous more tons of books must be removed from the bedroom or the man and the boiler couldn’t get through to the bathroom. Ho hum. He’s coming again on 21st October.

However, that is not the blogworthy news. I have a book coming out! A collection of short stories, all by me myself, from the entirely wonderful Alchemy Press. When someone teaches me how I shall post a link, with any luck. The title of the book is Music in the Bone; it is due to launch at Fantasycon on 24th October, and an e-book is available for anyone who would like to review it 🙂

It’s mostly ghosts, supernatural, horror and weird stuff, with the odd bit of SF and fantasy here and there. And, I hope some humour. Oh and a great cover. Put it on your Christmas present list. Better still, buy it for all your friends for Christmas 🙂